7 Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns In 2023

Stamped concrete patterns being applied

We came up with a list of the most popular stamped concrete patterns being installed in the Houston area for 2023. This is by no means a complete list of available styles, but it does comprise the most requested textures. The picture above shows a seamless granite pattern being applied to a backyard patio.

To keep the stamps from sticking, a release powder is broadcast over the wet concrete surface and then applied to the stamp before laying it down. Texture is applied to the border areas first, and then stamping can begin. The patterns lay flush against each other and downward pressure is applied. This is how stamped concrete patterns are created.

This list isn’t in any particular order, and is by no means a complete list of available patterns. We just wanted to showcase the most requested stamped concrete patterns being installed in our area.

Ashlar slate stamped concrete pattern

#1 Ashlar Slate

Ashlar slate is by far the most popular stamped concrete pattern in the Houston area. It is a combination of square and rectangular ashlars with the texture of a slate surface. It is a classic European flooring pattern that looks great indoors and on exterior hardscape surfaces.

Flagstone stamped concrete pattern

#2 Flagstone

The flagstone pattern has a classic Southwestern vibe, but it has variations from Arizona to Appalachia. It’s more angular than a natural stone and more random than an ashlar pattern. It’s a classic southern style that works great for patios and outdoor kitchens.

Wood plank stamped concrete pattern

#3 Wood Plank

The wooden plank pattern is a great way to build decking that lasts longer than any timber could. The most popular uses of this stamp are for pool decks, porches and even storefronts. The stains available really make this surface look like living wood when done just right.

Random stone stamped concrete pattern

#4 Random Stone

Random stone can have several variations including the river rock style. The stones are even less angular than flagstone and look more roughly cut, or rather like they were just collected from a riverbed and cut to fit perfectly with the next random stone. This pattern works well with large surfaces such as driveways.

Roman slate stamped concrete pattern

#5 Roman Slate

The Roman slate stamped concrete pattern is another variant of the ashlar slate. It incorporates more random sizes and more rectangular pieces, along with square ashlars. This is an old world style that makes a great choice for an intimate courtyard, patio or even walkways. The random ashlar slate surface resembles hand hewn stone that were randomly picked leftovers from a quarry.

Cobblestone stamped concrete pattern

#6 Cobblestone

The classic cobblestone stamped concrete pattern looks like hand laid pavers reminiscent of old world city streets. This pattern is most popular as a driveway surface and for sidewalks, but it makes a simple and great choice for any standard patio or porch situation.

Seamless granite stamped concrete pattern

#7 Seamless Granite

The seamless granite or stone stamped concrete patterns are the best option for someone who isn’t looking for options that include mortar joints, seams or angles. It’s intended to seem like a monolithic slab of granite, rising up out of the earth. There are many variations of the seamless stone pattern that all look natural and authentic.

If you’ve got a flat patio that’s still in good shape, you might have a great opportunity to add an overlay and turn it into a stamped patio! If this a great option if the surface is flawless because any cracking or heaving might ruin any new surface poured on top of it.

Stamped Concrete Patterns And Installation In Houston

This list isn’t in any particular order, and is by no means a complete list of available patterns. We just wanted to showcase some of most requested stamped concrete patterns being installed for clients in our area. Our list is similar to the most popular patterns nationwide compiled in 2021.

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