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Thank you for considering Magnolia Concrete Pros for your concrete project! We proudly serve homeowners and business owners in the Northwest Houston and  Montgomery County areas with quality concrete installation.

We specialize in decorative and stamped concrete and flatwork such as slab foundations, driveways, patios, sidewalks and more. Whatever your concrete needs, we will provide a solution.

We can restore any concrete surface to look like new by resurfacing with a concrete overlay using micro topping. It makes color and stain look brand new again!

Whether you’re looking for a new concrete surface or trying to revitalize, renew or restore an existing concrete surface, we’re the experts you should talk to first.

When you reach out to us, we’ll ask a few questions about your project so we know what exactly you’re expecting. From there, we’ll likely request a free site evaluation so we know what to expect from your location.

This involves putting our eyes on the area so as to ascertain site conditions like access, slope grading, excavation, subbase, reinforcement, form and permitting requirements just to name a few.

When we provide you with our no-obligation bid, you’ll have your price locked in and we’ll get your project on our scheduling calendar and provide estimated start and completion dates.

If you’re still wanting to know what exactly we offer, check out the list below.


What service do you need?

Stamped concrete patio being installed by local concrete contractors.

Stamped Concrete

We install stamped concrete and we love being able to apply our artistic talent to produce beautiful patterns in concrete that look like the real thing!

It takes a true master at concrete to produce lasting and beautiful surfaces that look like hand laid tile or brick, river rock, cobblestone, wooden planks or stonework. 

Creating these timeless architectural elements for our clients that will last a lifetime is the truly satisfying work that we crave.

New concrete driveway and concrete walkway installed by local concrete contractors near you.

Concrete Driveways

We’re driveway experts and we make beautiful hardscaping that is more than just a spot to park your car!

When combined with the elements of stamped concrete, your driveway can really be a beautiful element that complements the architectural themes of your property.

Since your driveway is what ties your home to the outside world, it’s a great opportunity to really increase curb appeal and ultimately the enjoyment you get from your property.

Stamped concrete patio installed by local concrete compa.ny

Concrete Patios

Patios, porches, decks and verandas are the perfect way to tie your home to outside areas. To spend more time outside, just add a patio space!

Backyard areas can really open up and become more accessible with some hardscaping. We know how to create outdoor living spaces that will last a lifetime.

We can work with landscape designers or architects to create the perfect space for you to enjoy your landscaping and we will do it right the first time!

Concrete slab on grade with concrete footings for metal building installed by concreters.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slab foundations are the critical element to any new building project. Whether you’re building a foundation for a new house, metal building, garage or just a storage shed, it’s important to know how to do it right.

It’s important to make sure the foundational elements of your project are done by an expert. So many times people go with the cheapest contractor and they get what they pay for every time.

If you want to build something that will last a lifetime, you start with the foundation. We do it right the first time, every time.

New concrete sidewalk installed by residential concrete contractors.

Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks are what tie your property together and provide access to different parts. They can make a great opportunity to accent the architectural elements that make up your home.

Whether your home is brick, wood or stone, we can build beautiful stamped concrete sidewalks that look similar to your siding and present a single unifying architectural theme.

We can also pour flat sidewalks that have timeless finishes like the classic broom finish. We know how to build sidewalks that comply with HOA requirements

Stamped concrete overlay micro topping to resurface and restore old faded concrete before sealing.

Concrete Overlay

Do you have stamped concrete surfaces that are faded or have lost their luster?  We can restore that beauty without having to pour new concrete.

By applying micro topping, we can restore, rebeautify and recolor your existing stamped concrete surfaces to their former glory.

We do an overlay and resurface your existing concrete area and apply a new stamped pattern, color and stain.

We maintain existing concrete by applying sealing coats to protect it from the elements that are always trying to wear it down.