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Magnolia Concrete Pros is stamped concrete installation expert. We’re experienced with the most popular decorative concrete designs, stamp and stencil patterns. You can have a lavish hardscaped surface installed by a craftsman that will last a lifetime. 

We can also stain and sealcoat these surfaces in increasingly unique styles. Our stain and sealing methods can make concrete look as lavish as polished marble.

If you don’t know exactly what you want yet and you’re open to suggestions, we can help with the selection process

Stamped concrete driveway installation and extensions.

There’s a perfect style for every situation and we’re quite good at helping to find it based on the existing architectural elements

As experienced concrete contractors, we’re able to offer many finishing options even if you don’t decide to go with a stamped design.

We’ll be able to show you all the available colors and pattern options in the catalog before you make a final decision.


What service do you need?

There’s a perfect style for every situation and we’re quite good at helping to find it based on the existing architectural elements

As experienced concrete contractors, we’re able to offer many finishing options even if you don’t decide to go with a stamped design.

We’ll be able to show you all the available colors and pattern options in the catalog before you make a final decision.

Stamped concrete driveway installation and extensions.

Examples of classic and modern stamped patterns:

Wood Plank

Ashlar Slate

Old Granite

Random Stone





River Rock

Roman Slate

Castle Stone

Seamless Stone

Grand Ashlar

European Fan

Appalachian Flagstone

Natural Stone

Non-stamped Finishings:


Exposed Aggregate Finish

Broom Finish

Feather Finish

Trowel Finish

Salt Finish

Swirl Finish

Colored Finish

Polished Finish

Terrazzo Finish


Expert Decorative Concrete Installers

Stamped concrete, properly installed, will last a lifetime and look beautiful even after years of abuse. Your driveway is the perfect blank slate to apply an architectural element that will complement the existing style of your home.

Since actual hand laid pavers or cobblestone require the sand between them be replaced over time, imprinted concrete looks the same but is a longer lasting surface that doesn’t require as much effort to maintain.

Magnolia Concrete Pros is experienced at the subtle details that create the fine line between a good job and a great one. Let us show you how we do it right the first time, every time.

Stamped concrete patio sitting area.
Stamped concrete patio using 1x1 square tile slate

Master Stamped Concrete Finishers

Since driveways are usually connected to the neighborhood and to your front porch area by sidewalks, we are commonly asked to make them look just like the driveway.

This will usually involve removal of the existing walkways to make room for a matching stamped concrete sidewalk. If you’d like the hardscape areas in your front yard to match, the best time to do this is while you have the same contractor on site. This ensures the stamping will match seamlessly across the different areas.

We can restore stamped concrete to it’s former glory by applying a concrete overlay with micro topping to resurface it and make the color and stain look brand new!

Stamped concrete patio using 1x1 square tile slate

Stamped Patio Installation Pros

A textured concrete patio is much more pleasing to the eye than plain flatwork.

Stamped concrete adds depth, contour and a natural element that really does look like stone or wood. Even the concrete tile stamp makes a great pattern that looks exactly like hand laid tiles without all the upkeep and fragility that comes with actual tilework.

When you consider all the possibilities when adding color and staining, there’s endless combinations and they all look remarkable. We can install matching sidewalks to connect the rest of your party or a veranda to connect the front and back  yard areas along the side of your house. A coherent architectural theme that will tie your hardscaping together with the home’s design and make everything look complementary is a great way to increase curb appeal

Stamped concrete overlay and micro topping before sealing to restore and resurface old concrete.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Stamped Concrete

Is stamped concrete worth it?

Assuming you’ve hired a competent and experienced concrete company and you maintain the surface properly with regular sealing, a stamped surface will bring beauty and utility to your property for many years to come. Fine hardscaping is very pleasing to the eye and can withstand heavy use when taken care of. The rising cost of concrete installation means there’s never been a better time to get your project finished before it prices rise even more. 

What is the price of stamped concrete? What does stamped concrete cost?

We can tell you exactly what the cost is for your project, but we’d need to know a few details first. Firstly, we’d need to know what the site access is like, does the area need existing concrete removed, does it need grading or excavating work done to control drainage, what stamp, color or texture are you wanting the finished product to look like and finally what permits are involved.

How long does decorative concrete last?

All concrete can be very durable and last a lifetime in most cases. This is likely not the case when concrete is improperly installed or not regularly maintained. When an expert installs concrete, they do so using the industry’s best method practices that have been learned centuries since the ancient builders. There are examples of 2000 year old concrete that is still strong and beautiful, so it really can last a lifetime. We offer concrete restoration services to keep your surfaces looking great for a lifetime.

Can stamped concrete be installed on interior floors?

Yes. We can install stamped surfaces inside your home or any structure. It is important to get a site evaluation done for an estimate because we would need to learn about the area’s access and preparation needs. The process is very much similar to how we create imprinted surfaces outside, but we take special precautions while working indoors. We can install all types of interior concrete floors, slabs and surfaces.

Is decorative concrete more affordable than pavers?

Yes. It is not only more affordable than hand laid pavers, it will be cheaper to maintain in the long run. Pavers will separate over time and require replenishing of the sand mortar in addition to sealing. All concrete will only require regular sealing to keep it functioning as intended and looking great.

How is textured concrete made?

It starts as a regular concrete pour with the proper slump and we apply a screed to the surface to smooth it out as a blank canvas would be prepared. Next, the surface and bottom of the stamps are seasoned with release powder to limit sticking which would ruin the pattern. Then the stamping begins and continues until the work is done.


Should I hire the cheapest concrete laborer I can find?

As much as we hate to see it happen to homeowners, many of our clients have scheduled because of a previous contractor’s shoddy work. It costs more for us to tear out bad work and start fresh, so go with the experienced pro the first time around and let the next person learn that lesson the hard way.

Are there options for stamped concrete colors?

There are several methods for coloring concrete. Dry-shake color hardeners can be spread out over freshly poured concrete and floated over the surface. Liquid release agents, or powdered agents, can help prevent sticking during the stamping process and give a slight coloring. Staining is caused by a chemical reaction and produces a great natural color. 

How far are you booking out new clients?

When the weather starts to warm up, our calendar fills quickly and we could be booked several months out by early springtime. Even though it takes more time and labor to install stamped surfaces, we take the time to do it right the first time, every time. Don’t be tempted to hire the cheapest contractor you can find because one of the laws of economics is you always get what you pay for. Cheap labor and cheap materials will produce a low quality product. 

What's the best way to get you to come out for a quote?

Once you decide you’d like to move ahead with your project, it’s best to give us a call and get on our schedule. You can text us and we’ll get back to you when we can. If you fill out our contact form we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. The easiest way to get a hold of us is to call directly.