Perfecting Concrete Barn Slabs, Horse Stalls And Stables In 2023

Whether you’re a hobby farmer or running a large equestrian operation, we can help when it comes to installing a beautiful, lasting flooring option for your new or existing barn or stable in Montgomery County or Houston. There are many options and schools of thought when it comes to deciding on proper flooring for your animals. We tried to come up with a small article to educate anyone researching the best options for their stable project.

When it comes to a stable for horses, the most important factors to consider are comfort, safety and sanitation. We consider the secondary factors to be ease of maintenance, durability and finally asthetics. If you’re still trying to decide on a plan for your animals, you’ve come to the right place.

Stamped concrete barn slabs and stable aisles installed by local concrete contractors.

Low Maintenance & Durable Barn Slabs

There are few options for barn slabs more rugged and durable than concrete when it comes to a barn slab. It will withstand many years and decades of heavy abuse from large animals, foot traffic and heavy machinery. If you’re planning a new barn or pole barn, you should consider the benefits of pouring a slab before building your structure. You’ll be able to pour a thick and lasting slab that will be a well thought out and permanent structural element for the whole building.

Concrete barn slabs will be easier to keep clean than a dirt floor, limestone or gravel. You’ll be able to keep surfaces spotless with pressure washing. By applying sealing concrete floors, they’ll be much easier to keep clean by repelling water, waste and staining. Unlike pavers, which require mortar and sand to keep them locked in place, concrete surfaces do not require ongoing maintenance to keep the surface level and intact.

Barn slab with concrete stable aisle for easy maintenance and sanitation installed by local concrete company.

Easy To Clean And Keep Sanitary

Animal stalls sometimes require weekly or daily cleaning, depending on how often they’re turned out. It is common to pressure wash stalls seasonally if not more often to ensure a sanitary and disinfected surface for horses and other animals. Aisles are easy to keep clean with this method and you can quickly clean the entire aisle with a common pressure washer.

Because concrete is a porous surface, it will wick moisture from the earth as well as waste from animals such as urine. This would lead to unsanitary conditions without regular cleaning of unfinished concrete floors. Barn slabs with unfinished floors are easy to clean, but the easiest surface to clean are epoxy floors.

Concrete barn slab with epoxy stalls and stamped concrete aisle makes a stylish, comfortable, low maintenance and safe option for your equestrian operation.

Epoxy Concrete Reduces Slippery Surfaces

Unlike unfinished concrete surfaces, epoxy over concrete will repel all liquids from soaking into the concrete and causing odors and unsanitary conditions. This makes an ideal surface for stall areas when combined with proper bedding such as pine mulch. By stopping urine from soaking into concrete, it will allow the bedding material so absorb liquids. When used in combination with floor drains, it’s easy to use epoxy flooring with rubber mats for maximum comfort.

Epoxy barn slabs and stall flooring can increase traction when mixed with the proper additives. This will hold up to years of abuse, even from large animals. Proper traction is important because slippery surfaces will discourage horses from laying down since it’s difficult to get back up. Ultimately, slippery surfaces can lead to injuries which can be costly and stressful for everyone.

Concrete epoxy surface for horse stalls makes cleanup a breeze and give horses a solid, level floor.

Safe And Comfortable With Proper Methods

When using epoxy flooring for horse stalls, along with rubber mats and/or bedding, your animals will have a high traction flooring that will reduce slipping. Bare and unfinished concrete flooring is not suitable for animals for the reasons listed here as well as because concrete is  not pliable. Horses should not have bare concrete floors without rubber matting and proper drainage. With epoxy flooring, rubber mats and bedding, your horses will have a suitable floor that’s safe and comfortable to rest on.

For aisles, unfinished floors are a great option that can provide enough traction with a classic broom finish. They’re easy to clean with pressure washing and don’t require the liquid protection that stalls do. Food storage and tack areas are also fine with unfinished concrete, but there are many options when it comes to considering the architectural and design opportunities of concrete barn slabs.

Concrete stable aisles have good traction and easy maintenance.

Classic Styles Can Complement Any Stable

If you’re going with a concrete aisle for your stable, it’s an opportunity to complement the architecture and style of your barn with decorative or stamped concrete. There are many options that would look great in a barn setting, such as European fan, cobblestone, ashlar slate, brick or tile stamps that don’t require any of the maintenance needed by real cobblestones, ashlars, brick or tile. You can have a beautiful stable floor that’s easy to clean and looks richly detailed.

Keeping your stable looking great will be easy and you can have the peace of mind that the surfaces are easy to disinfect with proper cleaning. With your barn slab being a blank slate, why wouldn’t you consider the benefits of stamped concrete? Magnolia Concrete Pros is happy to consult with you about your barn or stable project in the Montgomery County and Houston area.

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