The Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Getting A Stamped Concrete Patio

Deciding whether or not to invest in a stamped concrete patio can be an easy choice for many Texans to make. Others might need to think about it a little longer and that’s why we’ve come up with the most important questions to ask if you’re on the fence about installing decorative concrete.

Is a stamped concrete patio worth it?

#1 Is a stamped concrete patio worth it?

This question is best answered by asking another question, or series of questions. Is tile worth it? Is hardwood flooring worth it? Is drywall texture worth it? What’s the point of textured surfaces, anyway? Well, who wants a home with flat, sterile textures? The point of texturing is to add depth and make surfaces pleasing to the eye. If your wall had no texture, you’d easily notice all the imperfections and joints. Every imperfect surface would immediately jump out at you and it’s the added texture that fools your eye and makes the wall seamless.

Imprinted concrete, on the other hand, is intended to mimic those beautiful surfaces without all the maintenance and durability issues common with flooring. It imparts a luxurious appearance achieved with colors and staining that can’t be applied to other building materials. The only way to achieve the same look without concrete would be to hire master stone masons to painstakingly lay every stone or brick by hand, which would cost considerably more.

Stamped concrete patio

#2 Can a stamped concrete patio increase property value?

It absolutely will. When done tastefully, textured surfaces can complement your property’s existing architectural style. That said, turning your entire back yard into a monolithic stamped concrete patio would be pointless because hardscaping should tie your home to outside world, not hide it. It should complement your landscaping and not be applied thoughtlessly.

Front porches look better with textured surfaces, which will increase curb appeal since it’s one of the first things any visitor will notice. Similarly, most homeowners opt for a flat driveway because it’s more affordable. This creates an opportunity for those looking for a simple way to stand out from the crowd and make their home look great and unique while doing it.

Stamped concrete patio with cobblestone pattern

#3 Is a stamped concrete patio low maintenance?

Driveways, compared to stamped concrete patios, take a beating between heavy traffic, melting salts and motor oil, etc. Texture and stain will help conceal these imperfections that build up over time, similar to how a knockdown texture conceals joints and patchwork. A similar surface made with the actual building materials the concrete can replicate would require mortar or sand between joints. Stamped concrete is made to look like these materials, including the imperfect joints and seams, without the headache of maintaining mortar or sand between actual stones, bricks, pavers or whatever your design resembles.

If you had a driveway made of paver stones, they would have sand between them to keep them locked in place. Over time, that sand would wash out and create loose pavers that would need to be repaired or replaced. Decorative concrete is great because it doesn’t have any mortar or sand to deteriorate or wash out. With regular pressure washing, staining and sealing, you can keep stamped concrete surfaces looking brand great for a lifetime.

Commercial concrete installation stamped concrete patio

#4 How long will a stamped concrete patio last?

Concrete poured by the ancients is still strong and beautiful over 2,000 years later. Will your stamped concrete patio be around that long? It’s hard to say, but the useful life of any home patio could probably be estimated to be at least 50 years given there’s no future problems with tree roots, uncontrolled erosion and lack of regular maintenance. There’s of a chance that architectural tastes and what’s popular will change before there’s any kind of structural failure, but that can be mitigated by choosing a timeless pattern that will always look classy. 

If you’re trying to decide on what patterns will still be popular decades from now, it’s probably best to go with a stone look over wood or tile. Random designs will always seem more appealing than any easily recognizable pattern because it implies the use of hand laid stone and the employment of a master stone mason. Since this look can be easily replicated with stamped concrete, it is the most efficient way to create a timeless look in less time and with less effort.

Stamped concrete patio front porch

#5 How much does a stamped concrete patio cost?

Ultimately this is the most asked question about stamped concrete patios and other slabs. It’s a very simple answer if you can answer the following questions for us. What dimensions do you want your surface to be? What is in that area now, that will need to be removed? How much excavation or grading will be required before forms and reinforcement is added? What pattern, color and finish do you want? Stamped concrete can vary from $10 to $20 per square foot or more depending on the circumstances and desired results.

With this information, we would be able to give you a precise quote. It’s possible that pictures would help and a site evaluation would allow us to take our own precise measurements, but if you’re able to give us that information, we’d be able to give you a quote right over the phone based on a few simple calculations.

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